Copy Editor and Beta Reader

An eagle eye…

Copy editing/proofreading

Do you want an error free document? I am available to proofread your work, from business writing to dissertations to novels. Contact me for a sample of my copy editing work and a quote.

Beta Reader

Does your heroine have green eyes in Chapter One and brown in the final chapter? Do you need to know if your writing flows or builds suspense? I am available as a beta reader before you submit your work.


I am an experienced keyboarder and know the rules of formatting business, academic, or creative papers. I am available for everything, from your proposal to your resume to your novel.

In college, I offered to proofread and format a friend’s academic paper. I made a number of corrections and suggestions. When Bill submitted it, he received an A. However, he didn’t pay me the promised fee. Several years later, I was stopped by a state trooper for going above the speed limit. It was Bill! Needless to say, I didn’t remind him of the debt and he didn’t ticket me.

Contact me today about your project. or text/call: 970-690-8091

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