The Family Plan

The Family Plan Cover

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Craig Fischer couldn’t get his mind off his new neighbor. He’d met Leah Barton the day he moved in next door to her, looking for a fresh start. Her dog Max had escaped through the hedge, and she had chased him down. Standing on Craig’s driveway in her bathrobe with her bright red hair tossing in the breeze, she had been magnificent. But he had found out she was a college professor and he knew she would never be happy with him, an uneducated heating and air conditioning man with a heartbreaking past. Then one day, her mail was misdelivered to his box and he found out she was seeking information on alternative ways to have a child. That was when he came up with his family plan. Next-door neighbors could share a child, couldn’t they? And then, Craig would feel whole again.

Leah was exploring ways to become a single mother. She was not in a relationship and didn’t see her luck turning in the near future. Then she met her new neighbor. Handsome, kind, and interesting, she could tell he desired her. Yet, at first, she was confused about Craig’s attitude toward her until she realized he didn’t think he was good enough for her. Once she discovered why he felt that way, she formulated a plan to prove him wrong.