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Are you an avid reader? Do you love romances? Is suspense one of your favorites? Are you a fan of Regency romances? I hope you will check out my novels below:

The Blackmailed Beauty

Claire Stuart is looking forward to her first season in London when she slips next door to the churchyard to spend a few quiet moments alone. There, an unwanted encounter with the local viscount turns into an assault. Claire fights back and escapes with her virtue intact only to be blackmailed by his sister, Lady Regina, who witnessed the attack. Claire now faces ruin if she does not meet the terms of the blackmail – convince the Earl of Roydon to marry her, even though a long-standing arrangement has matched him with Lady Regina.

Noel Mallory, the Duke of Lamberton, meets Claire and is immediately enamored by her. He becomes frustrated, however, when she alternately seems to welcome his attentions and spurn them. Worse, she seems to be seeking the attentions of his best friend, the Earl of Roydon. Noel sets out to win Claire’s love and discover the reason behind her confusing behavior.

To Release an Earl

After experiencing a life changing injury while out riding her beloved horse Pirate, Willa Dutton becomes convinced she should release her fiancé, the Earl of Roydon, from their engagement. She feels another woman would be better able to provide him with heirs and participate in the activities he loves. With this decision made, Willa sets out to find him a better wife by matchmaking.

Meanwhile, the earl believes that someone is trying to kill Willa. Learning that her saddle had been sabotaged is only the beginning. As more attempts are made to kill Willa, the earl sets out to find out who the suspect is. At the same time, he finds that Willa’s behavior has become a bit odd as she has started hosting parties and pushing other women at him. Will he solve the mysteries in time and convince Willa that she is his one and only love?

Injured Sensibilities

Julian Warfeld, Marquess of Knolton, travels to his minor estate when he learns the land steward is a crook. Referred to a nearby farm to see Marty Robinson about his sickly cattle, Julian is shocked to find a beautiful woman dressed in trousers and doing a man’s work. Yet he finds himself fascinated with her.

Miss Marty Robinson saved her family’s estate from bankruptcy by working like a man and gaining a wealth of knowledge about animals. When Lord Knolton asks for her advice, she knows he is shocked to find she is a woman. After his land steward is found murdered on her property, the two of them work to solve the mystery of who killed him and who is accusing Marty of being the murderer. As they spend time together, her feelings for him grow to love, but can she accept his proposal knowing he expects her behavior to change?

The Blackmailed Beauty and To Release an Earl are available on Amazon in Kindle, print, or audio format. Injured Sensibilities is available on Amazon in Kindle and audio.

The Family Plan

Craig Fischer couldn’t get his mind off his new neighbor. He’d met Leah Barton the day he moved in next door to her, looking for a fresh start. Her dog Max had escaped through the hedge, and she had chased him down. Standing on Craig’s driveway in her bathrobe with her bright red hair tossing in the breeze, she had been magnificent. But he had found out she was a college professor and he knew she would never be happy with him, an uneducated heating and air conditioning man with a heartbreaking past. Then one day, her mail was misdelivered to his box and he found out she was seeking information on alternative ways to have a child. That was when he came up with his family plan. Next-door neighbors could share a child, couldn’t they? And then, Craig would feel whole again.

Leah was exploring ways to become a single mother. She was not in a relationship and didn’t see her luck turning in the near future. Then she met her new neighbor. Handsome, kind, and interesting, she could tell he desired her. Yet, at first, she was confused about Craig’s attitude toward her until she realized he didn’t think he was good enough for her. Once she discovered why he felt that way, she formulated a plan to prove him wrong.

The Family Plan is available on Amazon in Kindle format. Other retailers where it is available are Barnes and Noble and Smashwords,

“Such a sweet story with loveable characters. I loved how to Duke was so unsure and wasn’t arrogant and full of his own self importance as is so often portrayed in this type of story. I also loved his relationship with his mother, how respectful he was it really showed how much he loved her. I was so glad to see the horrible Lady Regina get her comeuppance too. A very nice romantic story I highly recommend.” Amazon 5-star review of The Blackmailed Beauty

“A fantastic sequel to the Blackmailed Beauty. With great, loveable characters, particularly the hero…! The storyline was tense and suspenseful and kept you right in to the end. Although I began to figure out who was behind the attempts to take her life it wasn’t until I was almost to the end that it became clear so the author did well to keep your attention and suspense right through. I highly recommend!” Amazon 5-star review of To Release an Earl

“One is no longer looking for love and the other feels love is hopelessly naïve. They discover that love can come when you are friends and want common goals. Their love makes them stronger and gives them the confidence to trust each other. This is a very enjoyable book with my favorite ending – a happy one!” Amazon 5-star review of Injured Sensibilities

“A charming and interesting read featuring a blue collar hero with a learning disability and a heroine with a PhD in history. These neighbors secretly want the same thing but the hero fights his attraction because he believes they would make and unequal and mismatched couple. The plot is believable and focuses on family ties. Some scenes of a sexual nature, but nothing explicit. This was my first encounter with this author’s work and I really enjoyed the flow and the fact that there was a slow build of revelations to both the reader and between the hero and heroine. A great way to relax and unwind with a good book.” Amazon 4-star review of The Family Plan

Work in Progress

The Spirited Sleuth is a paranormal romantic suspense, set in 1810 Regency England. The key characters are Sir Oliver Delaney and his wife Grace. Sir Oliver is a retired Yeoman of the Guard who, at one time, took a bullet to save the life of King George III. He now operates his own detective agency where his partner is none other than his wife — his dead wife. Indeed, Grace’s ghost plays an integral part in solving the mysteries.

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