You’ve probably seen the classic punctuation example of “Let’s eat Grandpa” versus “Let’s eat, Grandpa.” In an academic paper, it can mean a deduction of one or two points. In an email or letter, it’s embarrassing. On a website or in a book, it is mortifying. Software programs can check for such problems, but you have to decide if the suggestion is a good one or not. Grammar, punctuation, and writing style is not everyone’s area of expertise, but I am here to help.

Proofreading/Copy Editing for Academics

Your degree or your grade can depend on a well-written paper. Why risk it? When I proofread, I use the track changes feature so that you can decide whether to accept each change. I look at punctuation, grammar, and writing style. I’ll even suggest how to fix those pesky passive sentences. I am familiar with APA, MLA, and Chicago Turabian. If you need to use another style guide, I can also work with that.

Proofreading/Copy Editing for Businesses

Impression can be everything in business. A misspelling or poorly written sentence in a document can cost you money and business. Why take the chance? Having your documents, from emails to letters, from employee handbooks to brochures, from social media posts to ads proofread can make a difference. I never make changes but use the track changes feature to make suggestions and comments. You are still in charge.

Proofreading/Copy Editing for Writers

Does your hero have blue eyes in Chapter Six and green later in your manuscript? Do you sometimes get your character’s names mixed up? Has auto-correct caused your writing to be confusing? These can lead to poor reviews and cost you sales. If you intend to self-publish, you must have your manuscript proofread as a final step before publishing your manuscript.


Formatting issues are not always easy to fix. As a part of proofreading, I will make suggestions to improve the occasional problems. If your manuscript requires major re-formatting, I will contact you as there may be an extra charge.

Pricing, Time Frame, Payments

I charge $.02 per word for proofreading, with a minimum of $5.00. I deduct “a,” “and,” and “the” from the word count before figuring the total cost. If I see the need for extensive re-formatting, I will contact you and give you a flat-rate quote which you may accept or decline. Once you contact me, I will let you know how soon I can finish your project. If you have an imminent deadline, please tell me.

Proofreading/Copy Editing Inquiry

Please fill out the form below or email Let me know what type of document(s) you need proofread, the word count, subject, and any applicable deadlines. I will get back to you within 24 hours or less.