Writer for Hire

If you need a document written or rewritten, but don’t enjoy the writing process, contact me.

Types of Writing

For Businesses

Do you need documents written or rewritten? Proposals, brochures, handbooks, templates, and forms are among the items I am willing to write or rewrite. I am also willing to write blog content on subjects I am familiar with or can research.

For Academics

I will not write your college research paper for you. Check out my proofreading page for assistance with that.

For Individuals

Do you need to write a newsletter or letter to a business? Are you applying for jobs and need help with your resume or cover letter? Would you like to write your memoir or a novel and don’t know how to start? Contact me for assistance.

The Process

Once you contact me about your project, I will let you know if and how I can be of assistance and quote you a price. Then, if I am doing a rewrite, I will contact you with questions. If I am writing the document from the beginning, I will contact you about the information I need to include. Either way, the process may take one or many drafts. I want you to be satisfied!

Business Examples

Sample Press Release

Sample Executive Summary

For inquiries about assistance with writing, please email ilenewithers@outlook.com or fill out the form below.